Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Peek

After speaking with Lindsey and Larry at the Laramie Depot, I have a better idea of what my job will be with I start interning there this fall.  They've gone through a lot of stuff, documents mostly, and have found quite a bit as well.  They're still in the cleaning stage mostly, having to go through a lot of documents, records, papers, etc. and taking inventory; a very basic inventory using Microsoft Excel right now.  They're also finalizing some of the locations of some of the big items as well as organizing storage spaces.  Maybe before I leave in December I will have been able to contribute to an actual display design, but there is still a lot to be done.  Lindsey has become quite attached to the place, and I expect I'll see her several times during the fall semester. 

Preparing for the Fall 2011 Semester

I'm off to visit Lindsey and Larry at the Laramie Depot today to see what they've done so far this summer and what I need to start on in the Fall.  I'll post what we did today when I return.