Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Official Last Day. :-(

Today was my official last day at the depot as an intern.  Fortunately, we're not leaving Laramie after I graduate in May (pending any unforeseeable circumstances) so I'll be around to volunteer at the depot for a while. 

Today I finished up two more boxes, so we're up to box number 91.  I updated the catalog with those two, emailed Larry, and will run up to the depot and update the catalog on that computer as well.  I also helped Larry clean off one of the waiting benches and get some pictures of it to try to sell a couple of them.  Once two of those are cleared away, we can really get moving on setting up the museum.  Jeff also delivered our second order of shirts, so we can get those to the few of our visitors that ordered them during the Open House.  I also picked up another one for Christmas.  :-D 

There was a small family that stopped by today.  They picked a good time, Larry and I were in the middle of getting one of the smaller train layouts out of the caboose and into his truck to take to Centennial.  So the family got to go inside the caboose and heard a little mini history.  It was nice. 

Unfortunately however, we also discovered more plumbing problems in the bathrooms today.  No water is coming out of the faucets in the men's room and there's water slowly running down the wall in the women's.  We think it's because of the arctic temperatures we got earlier this week.  Eagle Plumbing is coming tomorrow to see what they can do.  Hopefully it's not TOO bad, as we've got people who rented the depot for parties this weekend. 

So even though I'm officially done, work at a museum is never done.  ;-)

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