Monday, November 7, 2011

Dirty Monday

I feel awful for missing Larry's party on Friday.  We were at the depot, and there was a family emergency.  I hope he understands.

It was a busy day, though.  We had men in working on the doors in the baggage room fixing the doors so they're not so drafty and slide smoother.  Larry also had a meeting with some men from the city who are working on the fence that goes around the snow train.  It's going to be a nice fence.  It'll have sections of smooth steel with a RR crossing sign on top.  Larry wants to make the smooth section large enough for text.  I suggested they gradually slope the top of the section down on either side of the RR crossing to make it more aesthetically pleasing.  We'll see how it ends up!

I also finished up a few more boxes.  We're definitely going to need to buy some more boxes before we can continue.  We've got 30 more to go through, I'm entered in box #87 today. 

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