Monday, November 21, 2011

The morning after...

The Open House!  It was a success!  We got over $100 in donations and we got over $500 from our "gift table"!  Very exciting.  Larry said it looks like we got over 800 people over the two days.  That's really good!

This morning I recounted our stock and came up with the profit numbers.  Lindsey stopped by as well, and she's going to help me tackle the storage room next week, see if we can't make the place a little more organized for when Scott comes in in the spring.  If we are able to do that on Monday, then hopefully on Wednesday I can at least finish the boxes in the corridor so that area is all clear.  Then Thursday I'll spend updating the catalog so it's ready to go for Scott.  That's the plan, anyway!  Then that will be it for me.  Officially.  :-(

But I'll be sticking around to help.  Maybe I can continue to push Larry into creating a state-wide association.  I really think we need one.  It would help all the depots and railroad towns around the state.  I also had an idea in which I would need to contact Tray Sherwood at Mainstreet about "renting" a unoccupied downtown building's window to put a train layout for Christmas.  We could also advertise Santa Claus.  I think he should be coming to the depot again this year.  I'm going to check, anyway.  Also, Tray said she'd sell our t-shirts down there, too.  So if someone wasn't able to get on at the Open House, they will be available still for Christmas!  We're putting in another order for Christmas too. :-D

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