Monday, November 14, 2011

For the rest of the term...

I worked on a few more boxes this Monday, however mostly I looked at what I'll attempt to do for these last few weeks.  I can't believe officially, I have only 6 more days at the Depot!  The rest of this week will be dedicated to getting ready for the Open House this weekend, next Monday before Thanksgiving, Lindsey will be back and we'll discuss how we'll hang these 3 gorgeous train windows in the museum.  Hopefully after that we actually CAN hang the windows.  The rest of the days I will attempt to get as many of the boxes done as possible before I leave. 

I will still be stopping by occasionally in the spring and summer though. 

I also suggested to Larry about starting a state-wide association.  Right now the only group remotely close is TRACS, which is a Union Pacific association.  But I really believe that if we were to start a Wyoming Historic Railroad Association in which all the depots from Cheyenne from Evanston, as well as other railroad towns in the state can work together and help each other.  We have papers from Evanston, and I'm sure they have papers related to Laramie.  It we were all together, it would be easier to share research and get funding for the association as well.  Maybe that's something we can work on after the craziness of the Open House and the holidays has passed.

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