Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yay! Power tools!

Today was another project-filled day.  After sorting through the t-shirts and giving each board member their total price, I helped Larry start getting things together for the Open House.  We gave our Union Pacific cow a bath; then it took 5 hours to drive down to storage and load up all the parts to the train layouts, drive back (and praying that nothing fell out of the back of the pick-up trucks on the way back), unload and assemble 7 tables. 
I now know the best way to design a table that needs to be regularly de-assembled and re-assembled.  I also got to use electric drills and screwdrivers, which made me happy.  :-)

Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to decide where the gift shop table will go, so hopefully more of the layouts both train and lego, will be up by tomorrow morning so I can go ahead and set that up tomorrow. 

The train layouts are quite fun.  Maybe sometime I will make one and donate to the depot.  :-D

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