Saturday, November 19, 2011

Open House!

So this weekend is the depot's annual Open House.  Lego land is all set up (and wonderful!) and we've got train layouts in the other half.  Laramoo the cow is out as well.  
It was quite a good turn out today.  Lindsey and I were there from 1-5 and once people were done with lunch it got pretty crowded.  A few people we talked to said that they'd lived here for a while and had never visited.  The donation box was getting full too, and we sold 14 t-shirts (have an order for 3 more), 8 mugs, and a few hats, among other things.  I'll do a full recount of our gift inventory on Monday to determine what was popular and if we need to order more shirts.  We sold out of the XXL, so we definitely will need some more of those.  Also, Tray Sherwood from Mainstreet said she'd sell some of our shirts for us as well.  So that's good, until we get our own gift shop up and running (there are still indecisions on that, so unfortunately it won't be this year) and when we have the museum and regular hours as well.
Apparently, the date for the dedication of the train at Heritage Railroad Park is going to be July 1st.  Larry said he would love the back half of the museum open by then.  It can be done.  It won't be easy, but it can be done.  We have first GOT to get rid of a couple of those benches!  They're taking up so much space that we can't do anything back there right now.  We have 2 to get rid of.  They're 16 feet long, 4 feet tall, and 5 feet deep. 

I also can't believe that my time is just about officially over.  I have Monday, then the next week until Dec. 2. 

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