Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Library Day

I set up our display at the public library.  It didn't take long. so I worked on putting together some updates for the board meeting tonight, as I won't be able to make this one.  :-(  I actually have to go into work at Bath and Body Works instead. 

This is what I came up with:

Museum Update:
Have over 80 boxes completed, 36 more to go. 
Officially have an intern to take over in the spring: Scott Cheney, who will be working 18 hours a week.
We have some cases moved into their spaces.
There is a possibility that a marketing class at UW lead by Dr. David Hunt will be wanting to work with the depot in the coming semesters.
Need to make the decision whether to have the logo on the side or in the center:

And an example of the two color logo on a natural colored shirt:

I’ll get the total cost and request a check to give him by this weekend and he’ll have those done for us by the Open House.
Trick or Treating downtown went well, we underestimated the number of kids!  I think it would be a great event to take advantage of every year.  Especially if we were able to expand it into a “Haunted Depot” which could bring in some money.   Even though I’ll be leaving as an official intern the first part of December, I will be around and stopping back by as a volunteer, and if it is decided to do a haunted depot, I’ll be glad to take that project on next year.
Albany County Library Case:
I set up the library case today.  Whomever was in charge of setting up the Lego Land portion on the top shelf has not done their display yet.  I told the library that if they don’t come to set up by next week to let me know and I’ll do more.  J

I also brought some small stickers that were left over that Jay printed.  I gave some out to some kids at the library while I was setting up and left the rest in the library’s sticker basket that children get to choose from when they check out a book.  We’re getting our logo out there!

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