Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday: A Time to Look Ahead

We officially have an intern for the spring semester!  Scott will be joining the depot January for 6 credits, which equals 16-18 hours a week.  He'll be able to get so much done.  :-)

Scott did stop by this morning and I took about an hour or so to show him around and tell him what we've been up to, and what we hope to get done.  Hopefully I got him excited to begin, instead of scaring him away.  ;-) 

After he left, Larry and I got to work on some more boxes.  I'm currently working on box #82.  I counted today we have 36 boxes left to go through.  At least 6 of them are full of loose pages, so it'll be a bit longer until that process is done.  And that's just the boxes.  There's still cabinets to go through and the entire telegraph room.  That room is a semester long project in itself. 

Wednesday I'll be setting up the small display in the public library case.   That'll be nice.  Then Friday is Larry's party.  Jerry is honoring Larry and all he's done for the depot.  The entire community is invited. 

Also, I got the proof for the t-shirts!

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