Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick Day Thursday

Updated the catalog today.  We're working on box #72!  Hard to believe I started on box #25 seven weeks ago.  I also talked to Larry some today and learned something about how to read some of the railroad documents.  For instance, station 566 is Laramie.  Station 634 is Rawlins.  The letters PFE stand for refrigerator cars.  And the way to tell the difference between a refrigerator car and a regular box car is by the doors.  On a regular box car the doors slide to the side.  On a refrigerator car the doors open outward.  So if you see large hinges on what looks to be a box car, it's probably a refrigerator car.  Another interesting note, if you see a train going east, it's probably full of stuff, if it's going  west, it's probably empty. 

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