Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What to do next?

Well, the furnace is installed and working, but now we have to seal the drafty doors.  It's still cold in there.  My fingertips were freezing, even with the little cotton gloves.  :-)

However, further investigation of the furnace showed that they will have to come back and fix somethings.  It leaks pretty badly, which means we can't store anything in that room until they stop the leak.  Another set back!

Right it seems as if my projects have come to a halt until the board can decide whether to do them or not.  So I'm back to cataloging boxes.  We're just past 60 and we've got to have about 30-40 more to go.  I've also seem to lost my volunteer.  She has a half-finished box she started weeks ago with a complex organization system of manilla folders (all the documents she was working on were loose, so organization was needed).  It's very frustrating to see that box just sitting there unfinished.  I'm not sure of her process, so I would prefer if she could at least finish this box before disappearing again!  I'll send her another email.

I also took some pictures of the train today to see what I can do about creating a simple image for a t-shirt.  I have a scheduled meeting with Jeff on Saturday to discuss ideas and pricing.

I realize it may seem strange to spend so much time on t-shirt and sticker designs, but when there's nothing I can do really, except organize boxes, I have to find something that will break up the monotony and get me out of the dust for a while! 

Jerry and I went over some things we wanted to discuss at the board meeting next week.  I'm really nervous about that!  We have a decent long list of topics:
  • T-shirt designs and prices
  • Sticker designs and prices
  • What we have done so far (Lindsey and I)
  • Future goals, what can I see this place like in the future (I think this may bring up a lot of discussion or issues that people might have, such as my goal of building an established internship program with an official intern supervisor at the depot that can make decisions when it's too long to wait for the board meeting)
  • Immediate goals, what do we want done by the open house next month?
  • What do we want to do with all the photographs/images/wall pieces?  (Today we came to the conclusion we have room for a whopping total of 9 wall pieces can go in the new museum space.  We have approximately 50 stored at the depot.)
Jerry also wants to address some maintenance issues, like drainage, the walkway, and the leaky caboose.
It's going to be a looooooooooooong meeting.

October has been a rough month so far, and I hope this board meeting coming up turns it around, at least as far as my internship goes!  Larry will be back in a few days as well.  We'll see what he has to say about what we've done in his absence.

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