Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Board Meeting

Soo, I was only joking at first about the board meeting going on longer than 3 hours, but I actually didn't get home until 10:30p.  It was a long one!  But I think a lot of decisions were made, which is good.  I did get my T-shirts approved, and Modern Printing is printing stickers too.  We also are getting mugs made as well, so we're going to have a lot of great stuff to sell/hand out at the Open House! 

I gave everyone my report, but I didn't go through it all, just the main points.  Some were supportive of the research area, and others still had hesitations, so maybe that's something we decide later, when we have the documents organized and filed, and ready to be used by researchers.  Gift shop was so-so as well.  I think depending on how the Open House goes and how well we sell our t-shirts, mugs, and things will help either push for the gift shop or against it. 

I did also meet the rest of the board and I was able to find who accepted the donation of metal buckles that has the Arabic writing.  They're from IRAN!  Yay!  Now I just need an Iranian dictionary and I can translate them.  If I have time that is.... 

The board gave me some other tasks, which I'm happy to do.  I am, of course, the middle man between the board and Jeff making the t-shirts.  I am also going to help hand out posters about the Open House/Lego Land in Novemeber, try to get some more people to come.  Also come up with some ideas for advertising that event (cheaply!).  Finally I WILL be designing a temporary exhibit.  It will be at the Public Library here in Laramie during the month of November.  We're sharing a case with the lego designers.  So I'm going to stop by on Monday (Gretchen doesn't have kindergarten, so I'm going to try to complete some tasks that don't require me to be at the depot, like the library) and take a look at the case, see what kind of space we're dealing with. 

To sum up, a lot was discussed, and I would recommend every intern attend at least one board meeting of their museum. It is eye opening.  We learn and we basically know that running a museum is expensive and time-consuming.  But some of the numbers they were discussing last night for restoration of the brick platforms, sliding baggage room doors, even fixing the bathrooms where it flooded last year, just about made my eyes pop out of my head!  It's also great to see how the board works and the people involved.  I don't know if I'd want to go to another one, but I'm glad I went to this one!

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