Monday, October 17, 2011

Larry's Back! Time to Reflect.

Larry's back from his 'round the world trip.  Yay!  So we didn't get too much done this morning.  We had to hear all about his time in England, Paris, Korea....  We also had to update him on all we've done while he was away.  It actually worked out well, timing-wise.  It's around midterms, and I have a board meeting to go to tomorrow, so it's a great time for reflection. 

When I first began, it was basically to take over what Lindsey had done over the summer, and for the first few weeks all I did was work on cataloging boxes.  However, I quickly learned that cataloging/archiving is not really my thing.  I can do it, no problem, but there are other things I'd rather do.  So I started some other projects.

To get the space ready to actually begin moving glass cabinets (which we DID move today!) there were things that needed to be done.  Such as loading up the trailer for a trip to the dump, moving all the magazines into the caboose for a later project, getting rid of the not-so-great baggage carts...

Also, with the amount of stuff that needed to be moved, I re-organized all the building's remaining spaces to determine the best place to put all these extra cabinets, documents, file cabinets, wall pieces, etc. 

I also gave one brief tour to a couple from out of town, which gave me the idea to capture some history and write down information about everything currently on display for future interns to be able to answer questions and really be able to give a thorough tour of everything currently in the museum.    I haven't been able to get to this project yet.  Hopefully I will get a good bit of it done during the last few weeks of the term, after the chaos of the Open House in November is over. 

Most of my ideas, however, relate to marketing.  I designed a flyer to be handed out downtown and to drop off at the departments on Campus that are related to museum studies (I hope to get some of that done today/this week).  I also came up with a couple event ideas to help let the community know that we're still here and we're growing, such as an art show (this will be a spring time event if the board approves) and, most recently, if I can get Larry in his engineers uniform and Lindsey to hand out candy during the downtown Trick-Or-Treating.  I can make a sign that says "Don't Forget Your Candy at the Depot!"  To introduce families to the depot if they haven't had the chance to visit before.

And of course thinking about marketing has led to thinking about a giftshop, t-shirts, stickers, and shopping bags, all which are related to marketing and advertising.  I still think a giftshop would be a great way to bring in some extra money as well as reach out to that market that maybe isn't fond of museums, but they love to shop! 

Taking Digital Media this semester worked out well for me, as I've been applying what I've learned in that class to t-shirt and sticker designs for the depot.  I am hoping to find time today or tomorrow to run to Kinkos and discuss pricing for printing stickers.  While working on the stickers, I came up with a great interactive exhibit that the children would love using the scale that we have in the back room. 

I talked a lot about these things with Larry this morning, next will be talking about these things to the board! 

I think I've learned a lot so far, maybe not a lot of specific museum tasks, but how to deal with people.  People that are your superiors and your peers.  I think I've always been good with people, no matter their position in life, but when you're trying to get things done and you must work with people that you don't see too often or are your supervisor, but they don't know much about actual museum studies, it's a different approach that is needed, and I hope I am showing myself as a professional, mature person with ideas and ways to make those ideas a reality, and who is able to both listen and respond to others' suggestions or concerns. 

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