Thursday, October 13, 2011


Yesterday we discovered that we have a grand total of 9 places to hang framed photographs/posters/maps/etc.  Nine.  That is not a lot, especially considering that we probably have close to 50 wall pieces that can be hung up. 

So today I started going through them.  Today's goal was to break them down by priority.  If we have only 9 spaces available, we better make sure we are making good choices in the decision of which to hang. 
  • Highest Priority: those that are specifically related to Laramie depot or railroad.
  • Second Priority: those that are related to the railroad in the Northwest region, also those ones that might be Laramie, but aren't labeled.
  • Third Priority: those that are distantly related to the railroad, or those not really related to the railroad but are "pretty."
  • Fourth/Last Priority: those in poor condition.
I didn't want to go farther than this today, because I'm sure the board will disagree with many of my choices.  They want to keep and show everything and they need to realize that that is not going to happen.  I mean, what is the point of showing lovely landscape photographs in a railroad depot museum??  Perhaps they are images of what the landscape looked like if one were to look out of the train going by, but when we have maps of the old Laramie railroad yard, or images of boilermakers here in Laramie.  Landscapes aren't that important compared to other options.  We'll see how it goes on Tuesday.  I'm really dreading this!

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