Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Got past box #70 today.  Things are getting very dusty in there now, especially since we don't leave the door open anymore (too cold and we have the furnace running now).  Found 6 1/2 more boxes of loose papers.  I'm not looking forward to tackling those.  It's just a jumbled mess of papers shoved in boxes.  So I'm proposing we finish the boxes that are in the freight office now, and then focus on the boxes that have all the binders.  That's the bulk of what's left of those piles.  So if we get the binder boxes finished, we can at least start moving the finished boxes into the On-Hands room and clear out the corridor in time for the Open House. 

I also began sending more emails out about the T-shirts, stickers, and Trick-or-Treating.  I convinced the depot to start handing out candy at the downtown Scaramie on the 29th.  Unfortunately there's a wedding reception that day, so we can't decorate.  But next year, it looks like everyone would be on board for a Haunted Depot for the kids.  That'll be a really fun event, especially if it becomes an annual thing!

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