Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Monday, October 3

I actually was not able to go into the depot today, as I had to take Gretchen to the doctor. 
But I was able to have Dr. Ali look at the Arabic I found the other day. 
This is more than likely a name or position.

The number 3.

Smoking is forbidden.

Smoking is allowed.

Still no idea!

According to him, these came from an eastern country that uses Arabic characters/alphabet, but this is not Modern Standard Arabic.  I'm thinking this are Urdu.  The language in north India that was brought in by the Mughals.  That or a version of Pakistani or Persian (what Dr.Ali suggested).  Another reason for me to lean toward India is that country relies heavily on the railroad even still today. And we know that these are related to the railroad to some degree because they were donated to the depot.

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