Friday, October 28, 2011

Thursday's Reflection

Entered boxes up to #79 today.  We still have a lot to go, mostly because teh boxes that are currently holding these "binders" full of telegrams, forms, other loose papers are larger than the boxes we're using to store them.  So the box we're taking these binders out of (a box with no lid and the items inside are bursting out of the top) hold about 5-7 binders.  The boxes we're putting these binders in hold 3.  So we'll probably have to get more boxes soon.

We're looking forward to the Downtown Trick or Treating on Saturday.  I asked Larry and Lindsey if they could hand out candy at the Depot.  Unfortunately there is a wedding reception that rented out the depot that day so if you go trick or treating downtown, don't miss the corner (I think they're going to be at Kerney and 2nd) and get your candy courtesy of the Laramie Depot!  I am also printing out more flyers and Jay at Modern Printing will have stickers with the Depot logo on them to hand out with the candy.

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