Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awkward Thursday.

I did manage to get through another couple boxes and a tube this morning.  But I had my daughter with me.  She was too sick to go to kindergarten, so I had her bring a toy and sit in a chair while I worked on stuff.  Which was fine the first 45minutes or so.  Then an event began next door so I couldn't go over there and do anything as far as moving things goes.

But I will make up more than enough time copying flyers and handing them out tomorrow.  We'll see how that all goes!  Black and white for the Farmer's Market and I'll try to get a couple copies of colored ones for the various departments on campus.\

I also spoke to Jeff about the t-shirts this morning.  We're going to set up a time to meet over the next couple weeks to go over possible designs/color combinations/prices for me to bring to the next board meeting Oct. 18.  I'm kind of nervous about that actually!  I'll have to put together a program for me to follow I think.  :-)

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