Monday, September 19, 2011

Box Day: Monday

Went through more boxes today.  I figured Monday will be box day (after all it is still a project that needs to get done), Wednesday will be project day (cleaning, organizing freight room, writing down history), and Thursday will be computer day- which reminds me, I need to find a calendar program to put on the Depot's computer so we can all keep track of when the depot is being rented, used, open...  (board members too).

I'm also emailing Jay, going to look at the logo and see what we can do with it.

I had an interesting thought today.  It is stated that anything 50 years old or older is "historic" (at least that's what I learned in my Intro. to Archaeology class).  If that's true, then presently anything newer than 1961 is NOT historic.  Here at the depot I am handling a wide range of decades- from the turn of the century to the 1970s.  Should I be separating them from '61 and later?  Maybe a project for later when these boxes are going through again to be more organized (right now we're just seeing what we even HAVE).

I did discover something interesting today, however, going through the boxes.  A Mr. Burchfield burned his ankles on the job (with scalding hot water) and was given a $500 allowance for it.  He originally wanted $1000 but he settled for less.  He was in the hospital for 3 days in Rawlins, then in Laramie under the care of Dr. Storey who estimated a 2-3 period of disability, as both ankles had 3rd degree burns.  This injury could have led to the redesign of the switch that contributed to his burns.  In this file there was a transcript of the interview of Mr. Burchfield.  It was so easy to get hurt or killed working on the railroads.

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