Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday, September 7

       I felt like Indiana Jones this morning, except I was blowing dust of old dirty documents instead of gleaming golden objects.
       I also discovered that on a cloudy, dark, rainy day when you're all alone and its early in the morning, the train depot can be a little creepy.  With stacks of boxes everywhere, and various cabinets  and benches and carts piled up, with the shadows the rain and clouds make- it starts to mess with your mind a little bit.  You start wondering if you're being watched by someone or something.  I actually ran past a glass door this morning because the boxes on the other side looked like the silhouette of a person, even though I knew full well that it was just boxes.  How embarrassing.
       Visiting the Frontier Prison in Rawlins yesterday has caused me to look at this place differently.  We had an excellent tour guide there who knew a lot of the stories of what happened at that museum from the inmates diaries.  Even though this depot isn't quite as old as the prison, how wonderful would it be to find a diary about the events that went on here, back in the 20s or 30s or so, from a personal and not professional (like the letters and telegrams I've been coming across) perspective.
       Since Lindsey has already come up with a "map" of the incoming baggage room (the largest part of the extended museum space), I was thinking of focusing on the Freight Office and train.  And after the discussion with Jerry, it looks like the Freight Office has a good chance of becoming the future gift shop to the museum.  This gives me loads of ideas for marketing.  One of these ideas is stickers.  Tomorrow or Monday I'll bring my camera back in and take photos of everything that would make a good sticker, including all the baggage labels.  By sharing these stickers, maybe it'll spark more interest in the depot, either by increasing volunteers/interns or visitors or sponsors.  i think I could get into the marketing aspect of museum work.

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