Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So productive it hurts.

I need to find my camera.  We got a LOT done today, a LOT of moving and heavy lifting.

I was cleaning and arranging the research area and going through railroad books (why I need the camera!), and I found some incredible intaglios today.  No idea where they came from (if they were donated, or or done by someone at the depot), but I have a name: S. Neilsen and a year: 1968.  Might have to ask Mark or Anne Marie, if she has any in the Toppan Library.

I also found some other things today that completely threw me for a loop!  What are metal buckles/signs written in ARABIC doing inside one of the original desks at the 1920s train depot in Laramie, Wyoming?  These I'm going to translate.  Of course two of them have the number 3 in Arabic, so that's an easy translation.  But there's a larger red one with white writing, and two small white ones with black writing.  I'll see what I can do, and if I can't figure them out I'll take them to Dr. Ali. 

Besides the exciting things I found, we created space today!  It was exhausting.  I got my workout in today that's for sure.  We move at least a couple hundred pounds of old railroad magazines from the north side of the museum to the caboose.  And it took some pure upper body to lift those boxes into the caboose, that's for sure.  But the next intern that comes through can focus on cataloging, organizing, and setting up the magazines as a functional space inside the caboose.  Hurt my hand moving all those boxes, accidentally squashed my finger between the bottom of the box and the metal trailer.  Hopefully the strange bump on my finger will go away soon. 

And last but not least, we loaded up all the trash for a dump run!  This may not seem like a lot, but the dump run had been put off for so long that the dump pile took up at least a 1/4 of the entire future museum area.  It's amazing how much SPACE we have now! 

We still need to get ontop of Ace to get our furnace in.  That's going to be holding us up if they don't get it in soon, and it's going to be too cold to work in there if they don't get it in before winter!

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