Monday, September 12, 2011

First Real Monday

Mondays are strange days.  They're not too long, they're just after the weekend and this is my first official Monday on my own.  The first Monday I was here it was a type of orientation, the next Monday was Labor Day, and finally today.

I do have good news, however.  The depot now has a working computer, yay!  The city gave us a free older computer (and it is old, the "Gateway" logo popped up when we turned it on this morning) and we don't have internet (but we don't need internet right now anyway) but we at least have a central location for the excel file and inventory database.  I won't have to bring my laptop anymore.  Wednesday I'm going to bring the working excel file and make sure it is accepted into the non-windows platform.  Fingers crossed!

Lindsey came by, so I ran by her some ideas of the freight room and office space.  I'll speak to Jacy about these ideas too, see if she's up to take over the boxes while I focus on cleaning and re-organizing the freight room into a giftshop, the conductor's room into a multi-functional office, and marketing.

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